An estimated 158,110 US citizens will be expected to pass away from lung cancer.  Out of all cancer deaths in the United States, lung cancer is accountable for over 25 percent.  Approximately 224,380 new cases of lung cancer have been documented this year.  Lung cancer is unfortunately the leading cause of all cancer deaths. 1 out of every 4 cancer deaths are a result of lung cancer.  Out of prostate, breast and colon cancers each year, more individuals result in a death related to lung cancer.


Chances of being diagnosed with lung cancer


Occurring mainly in the elderly, a lung cancer diagnosis primarily occurs at age 65 and older.  The statistics researched is stated that 1 out of 14 males and 1 out of 17 females will develop a diagnosis of lung cancer.  The percentages of survival rates in patients with lung cancer all depend on how advanced the disease has spread when diagnosed.  The forecast of the unlikely course of treating the disease, some patients who have been diagnosed with early stages of lung cancer are alive today.  Ultimately a cure for very early symptoms of lung cancer proves the disease can be treated and cured.  


Understanding the types and stages of lung cancer


There is two major types of lung cancer, non small cell and small cell lung cancer.  The stages of lung cancer is all based on if the disease has spread to other organs or from the lungs to the lymph nodes.  Detecting early stages in patients diagnosed with lung cancer can be difficult.  Tumors can grow with in the lungs and may be undetected for a long period of time.  Individuals think symptoms of fatigue and coughing are because of another cause, often leaving the detection of lung cancer in its early stages difficult to diagnose.  Majority of stage I and stage II lung cancer treatment involves surgery to remove the cancerous tissues and/or tumor development.  

There are many lung cancer cases today that are affecting our nation.  The 9/11 attack over a decade ago release asbestos dust across the entire city.  Asbestos related cancers and mesothelioma is a very difficult cancer to treat.  Many individuals that are diagnosed with this disease are entitled to compensation, especially regarding a mesothelioma lawsuit.  Many veterans were exposed to asbestos during the years this material was very popular around the world for manufacturing products and building materials.  If you are over 60 years of age and have developed symptoms of fatigue or coughing it is high recommended to visit with your primary care doctor and perhaps be referred to a medical specialist. Cancer is a terrible disease affecting the entire nation and recognizing the early symptoms may just save your life.

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